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What to expect at your appointment


Think you're pregnant?

  • During your FREE visit, a nurse will take time to listen, understand your unique situation, and review all your needs in a non-judgmental, comfortable, and confidential atmosphere.

  • A nurse will review your pregnancy options (adoption, parenting, abortion), as well as perform a urine pregnancy test and the option of an STD test, review your health history and talk with you about any other medical concerns.  

  • Following a positive pregnancy test, a nurse sonographer will perform an ultrasound (as long as patient meets criteria), to confirm the viability of your pregnancy and to determine your gestational age.  

  • Your nurse will then review your customized Personal Resource List and provide any necessary medical and community support referrals.


Making sure you don't have an std?

  • During your FREE visit, a nurse will meet with you to listen to your concerns, in a non-judgmental way, educate you on the most common STDs, and review your all your needs in a comfortable and confidential atmosphere.

  • A nurse will have you provide a urine sample for testing. The sample will be sent to a lab to be screened. If you are a female, we will also offer a urine pregnancy test.

  • The results of the screening will determine whether you need treatment or not, and the next step to avoid further exposure.

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