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You may be thinking, “Pregnancy was not supposed to happen at this time of my life.” Making an adoption plan could be a great choice.  


There are many benefits to adoption and it is often misunderstood. You will have time to explore adoption. Adoption is your plan for your baby. As birth parents, you have control over many decisions like the following:

  • Choose the name of the child

  • Decide how much or how little contact you have with the child

  • Select the adoptive parents

  • Choose the family your child will thrive in

  • Determine the location of where the child is placed

  • Establish the ability for the child to contact you in the future


Remember this is YOUR plan. Your adoption plan can be open, partially open or confidential.


Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin has resources available to help assist you with your choice of adoption.

For more information on adoption, schedule an appointment today to discuss your adoption option with an advocate.



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