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About Us

About the Clinic

Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin, LTD, is a non-profit, EDUCATIONAL organization. Our team of educators, nurses, and advocates are dedicated to serving women and men, through education, related to pregnancy and reproductive wellness. We are non-judgmental and provide unbiased, factual information to educate and empower you to make an informed choice. 


The Medical Clinic primarily serves those who think they may be pregnant or have an STD. Our comfortable and confidential atmosphere will leave you feeling heard and with the education on all your choices.


Our Community Education programs reach out to youth in public schools, private schools, and groups. We also provide education to parents to equip them in conversations with their children regarding puberty, reproductive wellness, healthy boundaries, social media safety, and protection from trafficking.

All of our services are FREE. You do NOT need insurance or paystubs to qualify for services because it’s FREE for everyone! Our services are generously provided by our caring donors.


Our Commitment to Privacy

We recognize the sensitive and private nature of your health decisions and work hard to protect that privacy. We take the utmost caution to protect your records, recognizing they belong to you, not us. We store your records securely and will not release any of your information without your written consent.


Free Services

Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin, LTD, is a non-profit. We are 100% donor-funded and we do not benefit financially from any choice you make. Our supportive team provides FREE, professional care to each patient in a warm, private atmosphere. We are committed to patient care that is FREE, confidential, and compassionate.


Executive Director - Megan F.

Advancement Director - Belinda L.

Nurse Manager - Nicole B.

First Steps Manager - Caroline J.

Education Director - OPEN

Nurse Sonographer's - Heather H.

PRN Nurse - OPEN

Receptionist - Connie M.

Board of Directors

President- Tim B.

Vice President - Marge K.

Treasurer - Mary L.

Secretary - Jacob R.

Member - Darnell W.

Member - Susan S.

Member - OPEN

Medical Director - Matthew S.

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