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Free Client Services


Pregnancy Tests

The most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period. However, there may be many reasons why a woman’s cycle is off schedule: stress, exercising harder than usual, etc. Before jumping to conclusions after a missed period, call Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin to schedule a FREE pregnancy test and get accurate pregnancy information from our trained medical staff.


Limited Obstetrical (OB) Ultrasounds

A certified RN will confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound to determine the viability of your pregnancy. This determination is necessary for all pregnancy outcomes. A positive pregnancy test alone does NOT ensure your pregnancy is not ectopic, which could be detrimental to your current health.


Option Consultations

If you are facing a pregnancy, whether it's unintended or not, the first step to getting answers is to make an appointment. Our certified and trained medical staff will answer questions regarding your pregnancy along with the options of abortion, adoption or parenting. We will provide information and resources for you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy, and do so without judgment. Call Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin to schedule a FREE appointment. 

Select STD Screening –  Women

An untreated STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) can have a negative impact on your reproductive health and the health of your future pregnancies. It’s important to be tested and treated for any STDs.


Resource Referrals

We want to provide you with valuable information and resources:

  • Housing

  • Insurance

  • Food

  • Physicians

  • Parenting Education


Post-Loss Support

  • Post-Adoption Support - Support after your child is placed in the adoptive home.

  • Post-Abortion Support - If you choose to terminate your pregnancy, we have staff to help you deal and heal emotionally

  • Post-Loss Support - If your pregnancy ends in miscarriage or stillbirth, an advocate will meet with you during the healing and restoration process

No Payment

All services at Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin, LTD, are provided completely FREE of charge. Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin, LTD, is 100% Donor-funded and does not benefit financially from any choice you make. Our trained medical team provides FREE, professional care to each client in a warm, private atmosphere. We are committed to patient care that is FREE, confidential, and compassionate.


We do not profit from your pregnancy or reproductive wellness decisions. Our healthcare professionals can provide information on abortion procedures but do not perform or refer for abortions. We offer factual information about all pregnancy options with compassion and without coercion.

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