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Clarity Clinic offers assistance, exploring and educating men about their roles in child-raising and commitment. We cover:


● Keeping your child well

● Safety practices with children

● Handling children’s injuries

● Caring for sick children

● Lifestyle changes and support options


Clarity provides trained male advocates available to lead training sessions, offer one-on-one assistance, and answer questions which may arise.



A father’s values and presence are of huge importance in a family, particularly for his growing children. When fathers are involved:

● Children are less likely to be negatively interacting with police and authority figures.

● Children are less prone to live in poverty.

● Healthcare is more likely to be effective for family members

● Father involvement statistically reduces the child’s chances of accidents, injuries or poisoning.

● Child neglect and abuse is more often a problem in a one-parent household.1

● Children in one-parent homes suffer from low self-esteem, academic problems, alcohol and drug abuse, and teen pregnancy more often than those in intact two-parent homes. 2

1. National Fatherhood Initiative, Fathers Handbook © 2005

.2 National Vital Statistics Reports 50, February 12, 2002.

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